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How to Select a Painting

I have often been asked, “How to I select the right painting for me?”

That is a really good question! It requires looking at a painting, thinking about where it will be placed in your home or office or bedroom or recreation room, imagining how it would fit with your existing walls, furniture and décor, and which one(s) suits your particular life style?????

I would like to suggest that prospective buyers ask themselves a number of questions to assist in the decision-making process:

  • Does the painting have your favorite colors?
  • Do the colors blend with your specific room?
  • Do you like the painting because it has some “movement”?
  • Does music enhance your painting when you view it?
  • Do other images from the past enhance your viewing?
  • When I look at the painting, I feel ______
  • What time of day or night do I enjoy viewing the painting?
  • What do I enjoy most in the painting?
  • Other personalized questions to ask yourself?

Good luck with your purchase! Wishing you many years of pleasure viewing your painting!!!!!

Gladys Lipton


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